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Community Visioning Project

Neighbors Without Borders engages residents in a highly participatory and action-oriented, local-planning strategy for creating sustainable neighborhood engagement.  


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Leadership Development

Developing the skills and capacity of neighborhood leaders to become agents of change is central to the mission of Neighbors Without Borders. The Community Roots Leadership Academy provides residents with community organizing tools to have a transformative impact on their neighborbood. 


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Community Advocacy

A unified community voice results in sustainable and impactful change. Neighbors Without Borders organizes and supports efforts to advocate for issues that have an impact on our communities. 


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"Repair the Edmondson Village Shopping Center Campaign"

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The Village Farmers Market 

Having access to ample access to fresh fruit and vegetables is crucial to the health and wellness of any community. Neighbors Without Borders is working with community partners to create a farmers market in Edmondson Village, so that a healthy lifestyle isn't out of reach for our residents. 


More info to come!



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